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DRN Anthology 2CD Album

CD $20.00

Release Date: 27/01/2014

Discs: 2

Anthology is the fantastic new 2 CD set from Dan Reed Network.

Disc 1:

1. Mix it Up
2. Resurrect
3. Tiger in a Dress
4. All My Lovin'
5. Take My Hand
6. Baby Don't Fade
7. Chill Out
8. The Lonely Sun
9. Doin' the Love Thing
10. Ritual
11. The Salt of Joy
12. Wake Up
13. Halfway Around the World
14. Blame it on the Moon
15. World has a Heart Too


Slam [alt. intro-rough mix]
Come Alive
Rainbow Child [live 2013]
Baby Now I [live 2013]
Burning Love
Get to You [live 2013]
Come to Me
Under My Skin [live 2013]
You Can Leave Your Hat On
Living With a Stranger [solo acoustic]
Stronger than Steel [solo acoustic]
Ritual [dido slam re-mix]